Technology interests

I got into the IT industry because of my passion for technology and content creation. Never during my career was I one of those technical writers who were just there for font fondling and formatting documents.

Writing about technology

I never understood technical writers who weren’t into technology. These writers seemed to outnumber me towards the end of my technical writer career. Technology and content creation have been a passion of mine that I get to continue pursuing after a career pivot. It’s why I’ve written freelance articles off and on throughout my career.

Personal technology interests

Here are some of my personal interests

DevOps + DevSecOps

A big professional interest for me is DevOps and now DevSecOps. Back in my technical writer days, I got my start working on software development teams. By extension, I got to author some software development processes. Fast forward a few years, I translated that experience into writing about DevOps. Recently, I took another step, I’m a technical marketing manager for a DevSecOps startup.


I’m passionate about cloud adoption in business and the public sector. Prior to my current position, I paid a lot of attention to cloud migration and cloud management. Sometimes when want to make myself suffer, I write about cloud economics,

Online publishing

In 2021, I plan to put more energy back into writing on Medium because I like the platform. Publishing articles on LinkedIn may fall by the wayside because what I write doesn’t perform well against their algorithm.

Enterprise collaboration platforms + culture

One of the first topics I got to cover as a freelancer was enterprise collaboration tools. Working as a technical writer over the years often meant that I was charged with keeping the team’s collaboration platform up and running. Over the years, I also saw first hand how enterprises ignore SharePoint and other collaboration platforms. Those experiences went on to fuel more than one article over the years.

By extension, I also follow the group chat and unified communications tools market. It’ll be interesting to see the winners and losers in this market in the post-pandemic enterprise.

The current pandemic is renewing my interest in enterprise collaboration. There are enterprises about to suffer a new kind of technical debt that I’m calling enterprise collaboration debt.

Work management applications

Friends don’t let friends use spreadsheets for project management. I’ve been an advocate of work management applications such as Trello, Microsoft Planner, and Asana for a while now. Spreadsheets are just the worst for project management