I like the concept of a colophon because it lets me track my history of web tools and content management systems over the years. The colophon is an old-school publishing term to be exact.

My personal website has gone through a number of iterations. Most recently I ran on SquareSpace. Prior to that, the site ran on Drupal. Moving my site to WordPress came at an opportune time. A recent career change meant it’s time to take the old site down and start fresh. I created the first version of using raw HTML, BBEdit, and later moved over to Dreamweaver.

Going with as my site URL is part of an ongoing rebrand because of my writing and work focus during the past few years. The site still resolves to

WordPress made the cut because it’s easy to manage especially now with automated updates of plug-ins. I also like where their team is going with the Gutenberg Editor. Over the years, I’ve used most of the major content management systems and even worked with some in-house online publishing tools back in my technical writer days.

I write the page content on this site using Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Sometimes I author content directly in WordPress but not so much these days.

Here are some of the WordPress plug-ins I’m using on this site:

  • Yoast SEO so I can finally build up my SEO game
  • Breadcrumb trail so I can future proof my navigation as the content on this site grows
  • Current theme is Go