Will Kelly

My content creation processes

I finally documented my content creation processes for white papers and bylined articles/blog posts after having to talk so much about them during my current job hunt.

Industry thought leadership

When I talk about thought leadership in the context of marketing, I practice what I preach. I’m regularly quoted in vendor-sponsored articles published on IDG sites. Here are some recent examples: Will Kelly, a Product and content marketing manager focused on DevOps and the cloud (@willkelly), says he hopes 5G can renew the promise of …

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Drop me a note! You can spare me the PR pitch though.

My personal productivity stack

Most of my career has been spent on content creation. First, as a technical writer, then freelance writer, and now it’s a huge part of my marketing job. Here is my personal productivity stack: Google Workspace I spent the majority of my technical writing career using Microsoft Office. Then I worked for a company that …

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I like the concept of a colophon because it lets me track my history of web tools and content management systems over the years. The colophon is an old-school publishing term to be exact. My personal website has gone through a number of iterations. Most recently I ran willkelly.com on SquareSpace. Prior to that, the …

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Technology interests

I got into the IT industry because of my passion for technology and content creation. Never during my career was I one of those technical writers who were just there for font fondling and formatting documents. Writing about technology I never understood technical writers who weren’t into technology. These writers seemed to outnumber me towards …

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Hello! My name is Will Kelly. I’m a content and product marketing manager focused on the cloud and DevOps. How I got here is the result of a long-overdue career change. How I came to marketing A move into content and product marketing manager role is natural because it combines my passions for writing and …

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