Hello! My name is Will Kelly. I’m a technical marketing manager for a DevSecOps startup.

This job is the result of a long-overdue career change.

My role as a technical marketing manager builds on my cloud and DevSecOps content experience. Much of my career was spent as a technical writer in various shapes and forms. I got my start writing technical documentation and online help. Then I spent some time developing training courseware. I wrote for business and highly technical users during my writing career. Then I gravitated towards more technical marketing and thought leadership projects. A career spent writing about emerging technologies to introduce them to new markets gave me new perspectives and a grounding in strategy.

I loved my time as a writer. It’s just that the technical writer profession went one way. Then I went the other way. I came to see that not many people appreciated a technical writer who knew their technical subject matter. I began seeing signs personally and professionally that I stayed too long at the party. Professional change during a pandemic felt like a bridge too far. It was almost too much to ask for or so I thought.

Along the way, I wrote about technology for publications and websites. I spent two years as a freelancer writing about DevOps and the cloud for TechTarget. My work also appears on Opensource.com. My plan is to write more bylined articles in 2021.

I’ve been a remote worker off and on during my career. It’s not that any of my remote work experience meant a thing when COVID-19 struck. My remote work experience did help me pivot into an all-remote company though.

When it comes to fun, I like to hit the gym (pre-COVID at least), cook, and I’m rediscovering the joys of tinkering with technology for my own lifelong learning.