Industry thought leadership

When I talk about thought leadership in the context of marketing, I practice what I preach. I’m regularly quoted in vendor-sponsored articles published on IDG sites. Here are some recent examples:

Will Kelly, a Product and content marketing manager focused on DevOps and the cloud (@willkelly), says he hopes 5G can renew the promise of enterprise mobility that has been eclipsed by the cloud. “In the near term, verticals such as healthcare and the public sector are going to benefit from faster connection speeds and lower latency for users who need to access mission-critical or emergency services apps,” he says. “In the long term, 5G will fundamentally transform mobile carrier networks, especially when it comes to capacity, with many positive impacts on work-from-home and work-from-anywhere use cases

The Reality of 5G is Catching up to the Promise

This sentiment is echoed by Will Kelly, technical marketing manager for a container security startup (@willkelly): “Do your homework so you can cut through the marketing hype and educate your stakeholders about edge computing in business terms.”

That “homework” includes determining the right use cases and making sure your infrastructure and systems can support edge applications and workloads.

How edge computing can give your organization a competitive ‘edge’

“IT needs to realize there’s wisdom in age and wisdom in youth regarding technology,” said Will Kelly, technical marketing manager for a container security startup (@willkelly). “They shouldn’t trip themselves up on stereotypes and innuendos about generational differences.”

What can IT do to address generational disparities in a hybrid work model?