Hello! My name is Will Kelly. I’m a content and product marketing manager focused on the cloud and DevOps.

How I got here is the result of a long-overdue career change.

How I came to marketing

A move into content and product marketing manager role is natural because it combines my passions for writing and introducing new technologies to the market. I’ve also been a student of the IT market and industry trends for years now.

Much of my career was spent as a technical writer in various shapes and forms. I got my start writing technical documentation and online help. Then I spent some time developing training courseware. I wrote for business and highly technical users during my writing career. Then I gravitated towards more technical marketing and thought leadership projects. A career spent writing about emerging technologies to introduce them to new markets gives me new perspectives and a grounding in strategy.

I bring a unique point of view (POV) from being on project teams to a marketing role. Buyer personas are more than just an abstract PowerPoint slide to me. They are people I communicated with as a freelance writer or people I worked beside earlier in my career.

Remote work and me

I’ve been a remote worker off and on during my career. It’s not that any of my remote work experience meant a thing when COVID-19 struck. I’ve had to change my remote work strategy during the pandemic, and I’m about to do it again.

Pre-pandemic, I had the opportunity to write about remote work and collaboration and have kept my interest in those topics since then. I’ve avidly been watching the move to remote and hybrid work during the pandemic with an eye for technology and cultural trends. The remote work story is far from over, and I’m excited to see the future.

A retrospective on my writing career

I loved my time as a writer. It’s just that the technical writer profession went one way. Then I went the other way. I came to see that not many people appreciated a technical writer who knew their technical subject matter. I also began seeing signs personally and professionally that I stayed too long at the party.

I spent two years as a freelancer writing about DevOps and the cloud for TechTarget. Along the way, I wrote about technology for publications and websites. My work still appears on Opensource.com.

I class myself as a long-form content writer. 800-1200 word articles are my sweet spot. I’m also passionate about white papers and seeking out new content formats that resonate with audiences.

Outside of tech

One of my pandemic lessons has been that I need more interests outside of technology. Over the past year, I got a propane smoker and began smoking meat. The low and slow mantra of smoking is oddly relaxing to me. Along the way, I also picked up a meditation practice which has helped me take the edge off and improve my sleep.